Yuyostox One Year Subscription

$360.00 for 1 year

US$360 per year
E-mail delivery of signals each trading day
1-year period

Your e-mail service should start within 24 hours after purchase.

This package is the standard way to obtain daily output from my Yuyostox A.I. stock picking algorithm.

What you get during your one-year subscription

The product is a simple subscription, similar to a stock picks newsletter, but containing no articles or write-ups--just the daily output of my algorithm. This information is sent out by email before the markets open each trading day (see IMPORTANT below). Each e-mail will contain one buy signal or if the algorithm has no recommendation for the day, no signal.


AGREEMENT: By purchasing this plan, you agree to the following simple terms and conditions.

1. DISCLAIMERS: By subscribing to this information service, you are entering into a sales contract with Yuyosoft Innovations Inc., not with me directly. Please be aware that there are no refunds under any circumstances. Yuyosoft is not a registered investment adviser or qualified investment professional--we are essentially an artificial intelligence research and development firm, and we will neither provide financial advice nor trade on your behalf.

2. NO GUARANTEE: Although our results over one year periods show spectacular returns, as you can see on this web site, it is important to remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results, and any investment involves some degree of risk. Hence if you choose to receive the information being provided as a newsletter, and to take it into account in making your own investment decisions, please understand that we cannot be responsible for the results, positive or negative. Also, the frequency of signals cannot be guaranteed, although from past records, it has tended to be between 5 and 15 per year in a bull market (this is up to the algorithm, and we make no guarantees about this).

3. SYSTEM AVAILABILITY: We use top-grade suppliers in providing this service to you. For market data, our supplier is CSI, an industry leader known for the reliability of its data. For server and application purposes, our supplier is Amazon Web Services, again the industry leader, with a reputation for high availability. Nevertheless, there may be the rare occasion where there is some kind of problem with erroneous data (for example, the rare case where corrections have yet to be received from CSI for faulty data) or with access to or performance of our web site or email. Furthermore, due to localized Internet service problems at your end or ours, it may not be possible in really rare cases for us to send out daily emails or update the website before the markets open. In these rare situations, and other situations beyond our control, such as natural disasters, Yuyosoft Innovations Inc will not accept any responsibility, but we guarantee that we will exert our best efforts to address any such problem.

4. CONFIDENTIALITY: You may not share any of the information available to subscribers only, as this is information that people like yourself are paying for, has monetary value, and is secret. Similarly, you must not share the username and password provided to you. We reserve the right to discontinue service to any customer that we have determined, in our sole judgment, to be in violation of this clause.